Terms and Conditions

Deer Creek Motorcoach Resort (DCMR) is restricted to Class A Motorcoaches with a minimum length of 34 feet and must be no older than 12 years at time of arrival. Owners of older Class A motorhomes in excellent condition may send four photos (of front, rear, and both sides) to [email protected] for review and approval. Please text us at 828-374-9620 or call us at 828-371-4848 for more information.


A credit or debit card is required at the time of booking. A deposit of 50% of your rental fee is required to hold your reservation. The balance of the rental fee will be collected 14 days prior to your check-in date. If you cancel your reservation before the balance has been collected, your deposit will be refunded except for a $100 cancellation fee. If you cancel your reservation after the balance has been collected (14 days prior to your check-in date), the entire rental fee will be forfeited. Changes to the dates (but not duration) of your reservation may be made by calling 828-371-4848, depending on the availability of that lot; otherwise, the reservation must be cancelled. We offer and highly recommend travel Insurance through Rental Guardian, available on the website as you make your reservation. No refunds are given for early departure.



Check in time begins at 1:00 PM. Please text us at 828-374-9620 or call us at 828-371-4848 on the afternoon of your arrival so that a DCMR Ambassador can plan to meet you at the gate and accompany you to your lot. They can answer your questions regarding the resort and will have a welcome packet for you containing information about the resort and area points of interest.


Please notify us (by texting 828-374-9620 or calling 828-371-4848) if you plan to arrive after 5:00 pm. We will need to make arrangements for late check-in.


All DCMR lots and amenities are individually owned. From time-to-time, there are lots for sale and, as such, we reserve the right to enter the premises at any time for the purpose of showing to prospective buyer. If you have booked a lot that is listed for sale, DCMR reserves the right to change or cancel your reserved lot in the event of a transition in lot ownership. Property may not be used for any unlawful purpose. By renting a lot you are assuming all risk of and liability for any damage done to person or property, agents, or visitors. Neither DCMR nor the property owner will be responsible for accidents or injury to guests, loss of money or valuables of any kind, or damage to the guest’s vehicles or property due to theft, vandalism, fire, any casualty or acts of nature. Guests and visitors assume all risk of such loss or damage and must carry their own insurance.


For cellular phones and data plans, Verizon provides good coverage throughout the resort, but AT&T unfortunately does not.  DCMR has recently upgraded its WiFi service and now provides guest access throughout the resort.  Some lots offer guest WiFi access via the lot owner’s individual router and service provider, and this secure high-speed service is mentioned in the lot description when available.  



Check out time is 11:00 AM on your departure date. Guests departing after 11:00 AM will be subject to a late check out fee of $30. Extensions beyond 1:00 PM will result in a charge equal to one day’s rent at the published rate for that time period plus applicable taxes and fees. DCMR reserves the right to cancel the reservation in the event of non-payment and/or holdover. It is vital that checkout be observed so DCMR can prepare the property for incoming guests.


General Community Rules:

10 mph is the speed limit for all vehicles in the resort, including RVs.
Quiet hours in the community are 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.
No pets or children are allowed on or near the clubhouse waterfall.
Children are welcome in Deer Creek; however, the parents or guardian are responsible for the actions and safety of their children while in the resort. All safety and protective gear is recommended. Children under the age of 15 years old are not allowed at the pond without an individual over the age of 18.
Fishing in the pond is catch-and-release.
Smoking is prohibited inside the clubhouse.
Because all lots are privately owned, do not cut across or enter upon another’s lot without permission.

Lot Rules:

Pets are welcome in the DCMR community. All dogs must be on a hand-held leash when not on the owner’s property and must not be left unattended when outside the motorhome. No pens or electric containment systems are permitted. Owners should not allow their pets to create a disturbance, whether the pet is inside or outside the RV. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. All pets must be current with licenses and vaccinations, and owners should be prepared to provide documentation.
Coach generators are not to be operated unless there is a general power outage, or for general maintenance that is periodically required. It is permitted to exercise generators, motors, and motor coach engines, per manufacturer’s instructions, during daylight hours only.
Hoses are to be kept neatly rolled up and stored.
Sewer hoses must be stored out of sight when not connected to an RV. Proper sealed caps must be threaded to all sewer pipes when not in use.
Virginia Law (Code 32-6, State Health Dept.) prohibits dumping of sink and shower wastes onto the ground.
No advertising of businesses including decals and/or signs on vehicles.
No auto maintenance and/or repair, other than minor repair of a guest’s personal vehicles, may be performed in DCMR.
No clothes, sheets, blankets, laundry of any kind, or other articles shall be hung out or exposed on any part of the Common Areas, or on any Lot in a manner visible from any Common Area, neighboring Lot or street.
Only single ply RV-type toilet paper may be put into your RV toilet and our system. No other sanitary products may be introduced into our system
No wood burning fire pits are permitted. Big Green Eggs are acceptable. If the lot has a gas fire pit or grill, it may be used only if the owner has given specific permission. Propane tanks are not supplied.
Freestanding screen rooms, tens, or freestanding satellite dishes are not permitted.
Flags higher than the cabin roof lines are not permitted, except a Team flag on game day.

Common Areas:

All common areas should be kept clean, clear of trash and personal items, and safe.
Trash dumpsters are available in the Clubhouse parking lot. DCMR does not offer trash pick-up on the lots.

Clubhouse, Fitness Center, and Laundry Room (Grand Opening on September 23, 2023):

These facilities may only be used by Owners, Tenants, and Guests of DCMR. Please coordinate plans for use of the clubhouse with the Ambassadors (828-371-4848).
Clubhouse should be cleaned up after use. Remove trash, wash dishes, sweep and vacuum if needed and return furniture to proper location. Tables should be wiped off. Any damage will be the responsibility of the Owner/Tenant.
Please advise an Ambassador of items (paper towels, toilet paper, soap, etc) that need to be replaced.
No one under the age of 15 is allowed in these facilities unless accompanied by an individual over the age of 18.
Make sure all fitness machines are turned off and wipe off handrails when finished.


Only Class A motorhomes are permitted with only one permissible RV allowed on any Lot.
Each lot is permitted two (2) operative vehicles in addition to the RV and Special Vehicles (see below). Extra parking is available in the Clubhouse parking lot. Improperly parked vehicles may be towed.
Trailers and/or tow dollies are not permitted to be kept within the Resort but may be brought into the Resort for unloading and loading. Next door to DCMR is Cool Breeze Campground, where space is available (for a modest daily fee) to store trailers via a gate access at the back end of the DCMR property. Please make arrangements directly with Cool Breeze Campground (276-236-0300).
Each motorcoach in the resort must be kept well maintained, clean, and neat.
Special vehicles: Drivers of camp cars/golf carts must have a valid driver’s license. Camp cars must always be driven in a safe manner, following all rules of the road, and if driven at night must have headlights, taillights, and reflectors. The Association is not liable for damages or injuries that occur as a result of camp cars being operated within the Resort. All vehicles (including bicycles, motorized scooters, Segways, etc.) must have lights and reflectors if being used at night.

Golf Course:

DCMR has a 9-hole par 3 golf course available to guests. Players under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an individual over the age of 18. Each player is responsible and liable for any damage caused by his or her play and must notify the appropriate Lot Owner of such damage.

Lost and Found:

DCMR is not responsible for items left on property or common areas. Retrieved items may be returned at Guest’s expense.


Owners/Tenants are responsible for the observance of all rules and the conduct of their invitees including contractors/vendors. Improper conduct, obscenities, verbal or physical threats by Owners/Tenants or their invitees will not be tolerated. Actions by any person of any nature, which may be dangerous, create a health or safety problem, create a hostile environment, or disturb others, are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, noise, intoxication, quarreling, threatening, fighting, offensive or abusive language or behavior.
All Owners/Tenants and/or invitees shall conduct themselves appropriately with due consideration for each other. The Board of Directors has the power to discipline any person for any conduct which, in its opinion, tends to endanger the welfare, interest, or character of DCMR, its Board, or Lot Owners, as well as for violations of the specific rules and regulations of the Board.

Property Condition:

DCMR requests each guest to take a measure of care with the property you have rented. Each property will be inspected upon departure for cleanliness and damage. Units where excessive cleaning is required may result in additional fees being applied to your reservation. Damage charges will be assessed after departure and upon appropriate cost determination being made.

Reservation of rights:

DCMR is a private property and as such, it reserves the right to amend these rules without prior notice to residents or guests. Lot owners and DCMR reserve the right to refuse entry on the resort to any person and to evict current guests without a refund. Lot owners and DCMR also reserve the right to refuse accommodation to current and returning guests who have violated our rules.