Common Questions our guests ask us

Question #1: My coach is over 12 years old but in excellent condition. Can I still come visit?
Answer #1:  Please send 4 recent high-quality photos, one from each side of the coach, to [email protected].  Include your motorhome year, make, model, and length, and please confirm that the coach has full body paint.  We will quickly review your request and let you know if you are approved. This process normally can be done within a few hours of sending us the pictures.

Question #2: Which lot is best to be on?
Answer #2: All lots have unique features and views, and there are three rental price tiers.  Please refer to the lot descriptions and photos to see which site best matches your needs.

Question #3: How are phone and internet services at Deer Creek?
Answer #3: For cellular phones and data plans, Verizon provides good coverage throughout the resort, but AT&T unfortunately does not.  DCMR has recently upgraded its Wi-Fi service and now provides Deercreek WIFI guest access throughout the resort.  Some lots offer guest Wi-Fi access via the lot owner’s individual router and service provider, and this secure high-speed service (suitable for video streaming) is mentioned in the lot description when available.

Question #4: Who do I contact if I have a question about Deer Creek?
Answer #4: You can call 828-371-4848 between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm to speak with the Ambassador Coordinator; send a text message to 828-374-9620; or email your question to [email protected]

Question #5: How do I change my dates?
Answer #5: You can call 828-371-4848 between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm to speak with the Ambassador Coordinator; send a text message to 828-374-9620; or email your request to [email protected]

Question #6:  What is the rental season for Deer Creek?
Answer #6:  April 1 – October 31

Question #7:  What are the 2024 Holiday Season and Peak Season periods for Deer Creek?
Answer #7:  Holiday Seasons are the weeks that include Memorial Day (May 23-29), Independence Day (Jun 29 – Jul 7), and Labor Day (Aug 29 – Sep 4).  Peak Seasons are Summer Peak (Jul 18 – Aug 14) and Fall Peak (Oct 3-23). 

Question #8:  When is the earliest I can make a reservation for the 2024 season?
Answer #8:  Our online reservation system for the 2024 season becomes active at 10 am (EST) on Friday, Dec 1, 2023.